The Team

Julien Bouteloup

Julien Bouteloup is the Founder of IDbox and Director of Doshup Ltd. He is a serial entrepreneur, nomad, inventor and addicted to crazy innovative ideas. He started his entrepreneurial career building websites and selling hardware technologies at age 14. He has been involved full-time in decentralised applications, Blockchain, Ethereum, Game and Computability theory, AI, cryptographic and machine learning algorithms. He holds a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Union Graduate College (USA) and a Master's degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from GEM (France). Artificial intelligence specialisation. He has won multiple hackathons with different projects. The latest ones are London Blockchain hackathon, Fintech London, Techcrunch Disrupt Hackathon and finished in the top 5 out of 85 applicants at Consensus 2017.

David White

David White David is a former partner of KPMG in the UK, where he helped to establish its legal services business. While a lawyer by trade, he has a background in the sciences and a degree in mathematics. He was also involved in politics and charitable fundraising while a student in South Africa, where he grew up. David is interested in how technology can be used to empower ordinary people in their domestic, social, economic and political lives, and believes that this is key to making the world a fairer, more sustainable and peaceful place. Using IDbox to solve the identity problem would help provide a voice to a large section of humanity, which is part of the solution. David loves spending time with his family, in the outdoors, bouldering or just reading and thinking.

Rabbie Namaliu

Rabbie Namaliu Rabbie Namaliu Jr is the Manager - Private Sector, Innovation and Economic Growth at the PNG Governance Facility (PGF)a donor funded development program. His role includes implementing entrepreneur business accelerator and incubator programs in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Other key responsibilities include the identification and piloting of innovative technology that can potentially address PNG's development challenges. Rabbie played the lead role in facilitating and negotitating the Blockchain Research and Development Memorandum of Understanding between the Bank Of Papua New Guinea and PGF to identify and implement a blockchain proof of concept that could improve financial inclusion in PNG. Previous roles included providing social performance assurance management for new technology used on the world's first Coal Seam Gas to Liquified Natual Gas project in Queensland, Australia. And also implementing social Public Private Partnership programs in the Australian and PNG resource sector.

Leopold Joy

Leopold Joy is a software engineer, entrepreneur, and blockchain developer who enjoys using technology to solve hard problems. He taught himself to program and started building websites for clients at the age of 13. A devoted entrepreneur and problem solver, Leo founded and built his first startup at the age of 15. While in high school, he studied at Bard College in New York. Leo pursued his Bachelor of Computer Science at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in New York. At RPI, he was involved in the Rensselaer Center for Open Source (RCOS). Leo has since co-founded several early-stage startups in both Canada and the United States. He is an active member of the open-source blockchain community, an avid proponent of blockchain technology, and is excited to help IDBox bring about meaningful social change.

Dan Roberts

Dan Roberts is the Founder of Lacuna Health which uses blockchain and other technologies to securely unify access to Electronic Medical Records across Europe. His interest began as Treasurer for Bristol Social Enterprise where he scouted businesses that stood for positive, social change. He has since won several awards in sustainability across food/drink, digital outdoor media and smart cities after graduating from Bristol University in Economics. He's a serial entrepreneur who is fascinated by the move towards decentralisation and by the good it can bring the world. He particularly believes that there is great potential in opening up bridges between developing and developed economies, particularly in the area of aid and healthcare, hence his love for IDbox.


Dr Jane Thomason

Dr Jane Thomason is CEO at Abt Associates Australia, Global Social Policy Adviser, Member Devex Impact Strategic Advisory Council. Dr Thomason is a development entrepreneur and innovator who has built her own company and a leader of a wide range of development programs globally, regionally and in Australia, Asia and the Pacific (including long term assignments in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and the Philippines). She has worked in senior roles for the Asian Development Bank, WHO, World Bank, USAID and AusAID, and in Public Private Partnerships with the extractive industries. . Since merging with Abt Associates Dr Thomason has led the growth and diversification of Abt JTA to achieve a tripling of revenue and diversification into governance and women's empowerment. She takes her position as a role model for future women leaders seriously and actively mentors young women with leadership potential. She is an active supporter of innovation and new technologies, especially blockchain, and their application to the problems of the poor.

Luis Carranza

Luis Carranza CEO & Founder, Fintech Worldwide Ltd. Luis is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Fintech Worldwide Ltd. FTWW, provides innovation/transformation services to enterprise financial services firms and Fintech start-ups. FTWW organizes London Fintech Week and London Blockchain Week. 2017 marks the 4th year of Fintech Week, which is being run in 5-6 markets this year. Luis also founded Blockchain Conferences, which has now been run over 14 times in key financial services markets including London, New York, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, and Silicon Valley. Luis is a Fintech pioneer and helped launch Innovate Finance, the UK’s industry body for financial services and technology. Mr. Carranza holds a master degree in brand management, and a bachelor’s degree in mass communications. He brings a diverse background in marketing, branding, media, content, digital & innovation strategy. Luis is an active advisor with several start-ups in Fintech & Blockchain. He is a natural at spotting technology trends and works diligently to unite innovators, investors, governments and corporations in order to fast-track innovation. According to Luis, the best thing about being an entrepreneur is the ability to improve the world (even if only a bit) while still having quality time to spend with his wife and two young children.

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